Solar rays can cause irritating glare that blinds, shades and shutters may reduce.  However,
    these options limit home and building owners opportunities to enjoy outside views.  Draperies
    and blinds are functional and common, but they can also be damaged by the sun's rays.  
    Ultraviolet (UV) rays can help owners save draperies, shutters and blinds from discoloration.  
    Most solar film can absorb up to 99.8% of UV light that causes fabrics, furnishings, floor
    coverings and artwork to fade.  

    Film is usually applied to the interior of glass.  When the treated glass is exposed to harmful
    UV rays, light and infrared heat, the film can block up to 88% of those heat sources from
    transferring through the glass and into interior space.  

    Solar film is available in a variety of shades.  Today, less reflective and less darkened films
    are available on the market.  Nanoceramic technology has provided the window film
    industry a higher visible light transmittance than traditional solar window film that may be
    metalized.  The agents that make up the ceramic film work just as efficiently as traditional
    film and can provide comparable heat gain reduction and UV protection.

    A great difference is the aesthetics of ceramic film.  Because it is less reflective than
    traditional film , it may also providing a better optimal  view than clear glass.

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REDUCE HEAT: Window film
can reject up to 85% of heat
from transmitting through

Window film can minimize
fading of furnishings, wood
floors, rugs and artwork.

REDUCE GLARE:  Window film
can help eliminate the glare
from reflection of the sun off the
glass and other reflective

Window film can reduce heat
infiltration and in turn reduce
your usage of air conditioning
and fans and can cut your utility
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Solar Window Tinting