Our 6 mil, Multi-Ply Anti-Graffiti Window Film is an
economical solution to a cost-effective way for
business owners to lower their costs arising from
these types of vandalism.  Specially designed films,
nearly invisible once installed, provide a removable,
sacrificial surface that can reduce or eliminate the
need for expensive glass replacement.  With new
Title 24 requirements that have mandated higher
performing glass, a single replacement of just one
window can easily exceed ten or twenty times the
cost of film installation.

Whether the film is applied to vertical or sloped
glass, mirrors or stainless steel, in malls, on buses, in
office buildings or on subway trains, installation and
replacement by professionally trained technicians
are quick processes, avoiding disruption to business
practices commonly caused by glass replacement.  
When vandals strike, the film is removed along with
the "tags," revealing the unspoiled glass surface
ready for th replacement sacrificial film.
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In addition to installing window film, our company provides GLASS BUFFING services.  If
the glass is appropriate for buffing - as some etching may be too deep to remove -- we
are able to remove liquid graffiti and buff out scratches and etching with a glass buffing
machine prior to applying anti-graffiti window film.  This service  is offered at an hourly
rate.  Please speak to a  sales representative for prices in your area.

WCS uses GlassRenu Scratch Removal System, the industry’s premier solution for
removing scratches and acid damage of any size and depth from all types of glass. This
system allows repair of 75% - 95% of the glass panels owners previously had to replace
– in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost. GlassRenu is a patented dry
grinding process that “renews” the original clarity and luster of glass by removing even
the most severe damage without distortion.
05/09 ~ WCS gains
contract with
Department of General
Services for Graffiti
Removal of at Downtown
Sacramento Buildings
Anti-Graffiti Window Film Applications